2018 has been a whirlwind of a year for me and I’m still struggling to believe we’re in September! Whenever, it hits September I feel like the year is practically over whilst at the same time it’s a month that, weirdly, represents new beginnings for me. With New Year’s resolutions long since abandoned I want to encourage you to keep on pushing. If there is something you genuinely wanted to achieve at the start of this year that you gave up on a couple of months in, the year is not over and it’s still VERY possible to achieve or at least be on the right track to achieving what you set out to.

Whatever your goal is, especially if it’s a particularly aspirational one, looking at the end can often be quite daunting. Simply breaking it down into smaller actions/ targets can go a long way in getting you that one step closer to where you want to be. Also, working on your goal just a little bit everyday can be all you need to make a huge difference.

Lack of motivation and demotivation, if you have already started, can be real parasites on the journey to pursuing your goals. Not allowing these two things to niggle away is something that’s much easier said than done, even for the most positive of people. Although, many people say you shouldn’t look back just focus on what’s ahead, sometimes I think you need to look back to see how much you’ve achieved. More often than not, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

Albert Einstein said “insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results”. If you’re approaching your goals in the same way over and over again, perhaps it’s time to sit down and readjust your strategy. I’ve heard on several occasions that having an accountability partner can really help when it comes to sticking to and achieving goals. Is there someone in your circle that you not only trust but that will hold you to account of what you say? Set up a meeting, run through your plans and what you want to achieve for the last few months of the year with them. Then, arrange regular catch ups over the next few months at which point you’ll review progress.

The final key to any success story is perseverance. It’s not always the smartest or most talented person in the room that’s the most successful! If you’re truly serious about achieving your goals, whatever they may be, pushing through the hard times, the easy times, the fun times and the boring times is essential. Sometimes we want to see results instantly when in reality most results come over a longer period of consistency and simply sticking to it.

So as we head into the final months of this year, I want to encourage you to keep pushing towards your goals, whether that be starting a business or losing weight, learning a language or running a marathon. It may not feel like you’re moving forward but be rest assured you are. The work you’re doing isn’t in vain and people you could never even imagine are preeing you from the side lines. So hang tight because often when you’re about to give up, that’s when success is just around the corner.

Paula M



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