I haven’t written a blog post in a while, I haven’t kept up to date with the news, I haven’t been closely following the political mess we’re in currently (thinking of Boris becoming our PM is too much to bear), I haven’t been reading for fun, I’ve not written in my journal for weeks and lastly I haven’t been attentively following race related scandals. In all honesty, I was at a point where I just wanted to pause and focus solely on my final exams for the LPC.

Fast forward to now, my exams finished two weeks ago and I’ve decided to end my break – starting with writing this blog post. To say I have writer’s block would be putting it lightly! However, the break has definitely done me more good than bad. I’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks that I’ve personally experienced from my decision to have a ‘life ‘break’.


1) Refreshed – I definitely feel more refreshed and have a clearer head, I typically have about 100 thoughts running around in my head but I’ve halved this down to about 50 (which for me is pretty good)!

2) More clarity – taking a break has made it clearer to me that I genuinely do enjoy writing, reading, taking walks and being constantly on the go and busy. Whilst the break was nice, I did feel there was a lot missing and looked forward to getting back into the swing of things.

3) Reflection – having a break for a month really forced me to reflect on the past year and ask myself tough questions such as: ‘Am I busy just for the sake of being busy or actually stepping closer to my purpose? Which of course led to the golden question, what exactly is my purpose? I have an answer to that, but I know the answer is ever changing…..


1) Feeling lethargic – I personally noticed that not being as busy really had an effect on me physically. I felt far more tired from doing less and it was easy to slip into bad habits such as sleeping in late and taking constant naps.

2) Guilt – I struggle to just ‘chill’ and regularly felt guilty about not being actively busy. In fact, I would beat myself up and have negative thoughts that I’m lazy and a time waster. Taking the break exacerbated aspects of my constant over-achiever personality.

To not end the post on a negative note I’ll mention another benefit, I really had to realise that I am more than my accomplishments, first and foremost I’m human and shouldn’t always measure my worth based on what I have achieved or haven’t achieved.

I’m happy I had my life break and if people go on a break in relationships, take an annual leave break, then why not have a life break? Pressing pause for a while rather than constantly being on fast forward has been great for me and it may be great for you too 🙂

Lola I



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