24, twenty-four, vingt quatre, veinticuatro, visually, the numbers 2 and 4 together, in maths 2 sets of 10 plus a four (Crikey! I am getting old), 1 more away from a quarter century.

Today is my birthday and as you’d expect, I’m playing the role of my most extra self. In my defence, I have been waiting for this day for about four years so my excessive behaviour is warranted. If you don’t like it take it up with your horoscope. 

For the few ears I haven’t shouted into, I was born on a leap year meaning I only have a birthday every four years( lucky! I know right) so even though I am 24 today realistically I should be 6, ….. queue any 24/6 caption. 

I have plans on celebrating this in Manchester ( for nostalgia purposes) with a few close friends getting as lit as a Christmas candle and hopefully finishing this blog but let’s be honest I’m never doing that ??. 

In my short twenty four years of being on this planet I’ve learnt so many lessons; some crucial, others ridiculous and I’ll be sharing these below with you because you most certainly asked: 

  1. Never put 100% into anything – it’s Suicide I’m telling you, I’ll allow 95% at most. Keep something for yourself in case it doesn’t go your way. 
  2. Go to places on your own and do things by yourself, I am the biggest advocate for this. Enjoy your own company and learn to be comfortable on your own.
  3. If you feel it, it’s important. Say how you feel at all times, but learn how to say this. 
  4. Lying unnecessarily is headache. Be honest with everyone it’s one less thing to worry about.
  5. Always ask questions, no matter how difficult they may make a situation 
  6. Life is for the living- that’s my excuse for spending excessively so I thought you should have one too. 
  7. People are managers. They will manage their lives accordingly so do the same. (Shout out to Karimah for this gem).
  8. Never let your emotions lead you to physical acts because as soon as this happens you’ve lost. 
  9. Love long, hard and loud but you can do it silently if you are not ready for pain.
  10. A woman’s no is always no (Believe me! she’s thought about it) so if she’s changes her mind she’s just accommodating you. 
  11. Marry someone you can enjoy silence with. 
  12. Forgive but never forget.
  13. You do not have to live up to people’s expectations of you. Do you however you want. 
  14. Have individual relationships with everyone, avoid mixing friendship groups.
  15. Don’t take everything personal, most people don’t even factor your emotions when they are being shady. 
  16. Work towards your own goals in your own time. 
  17. Your parents don’t always know best, if you really want to do something explain it to them and come to a compromise. Don’t give up on your dream. 
  18. Put yourself first, pay yourself first, never shortchange yourself.
  19. Connections can take you places money can’t. 
  20. Travel!! (locally and internationally). 
  21. Keep your style unique. 
  22. Prayer, Fashion, Music and Food are key to your soul.
  23. Expect the unexpected. 
  24. ? – A little bit of faith goes a long way



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