#EndSARS | What’s happening in Nigeria? Scrolling through my feed on Instagram earlier this week, I […]
Diversity, Britain’s Got Talent dance group took to the stage of Britain’s Got Talent: Semi-Finals to […]
I honestly feel like lockdown has opened the eyes of many to the realities of what […]
Yesterday, the Labour MP Dawn Butler was stopped by the police whilst in the passenger seat […]
I was minding my own business on a Sunday afternoon yesterday and reading ‘Double Cross’ (the […]
I was scrolling through the news articles on my phone trying to come up with a […]
Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Belly Mujinga are just three of the names that have appeared […]
Community Cambridge dictionary’s definition of “community” depicts this to be a people living in the same […]
We were in year 5 and I remember hearing the whispered words “I would go out […]
We want these people to understand their wrongdoing but don’t we want to see them become better versions of their yesterday?
In an earlier post Dear David, enough of the self-hate, I spoke about a self-hating male I […]
I’ve always been an over thinker and during this lockdown period I’ve had even more time […]
24, twenty-four, vingt quatre, veinticuatro, visually, the numbers 2 and 4 together, in maths 2 sets […]
Coronavirus said stop. I cannot believe that I find myself writing a post to do with […]
By now you may have heard about the Netflix miniseries ‘Self Made’. If you haven’t, it’s […]
So we’re in March and it already feels like February was so long ago. February! A […]
In recent years the stigma regarding mental health has decreased as we more openly discuss things […]
I feel like I haven’t written a blog post in so long. I guess to some […]
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the devastating news of […]
I’ve given blood on one occasion back in April 2017. Fast forward to 2020, since my […]
Of late, I try to steer clear of watching the news on TV because I find […]
Over the Christmas period, many families were together enjoying the festive season and the opportunity to […]
I’ve had this blog post topic on my mind for quite sometime now, but wasn’t too […]
In this post I would like to touch on something that I believe #IssaMovement is dispelling within the black community and really the title simply embodies the very message of this post; that three black women, and friends at that can come together and work for the sole purpose of their community.
I’d heard different stories about the church SPAC Nation from different people, and what I’d heard […]
Son to a doctor of engineering and a social livewire of a mother, being proud of […]
So, where should my black vote go this Thursday? Unfortunately this is a question I’ve still […]
By now you may have heard of the Vue Cinema’s knee jerk reaction to ban the […]
Women – we are God’s gifts brought to humanity. Inquisitive, Intuitive, strong and compassionate beings. It’s […]
“You young people and your phones. What happened to playing outside?” I know we’veall had some40+ year old uncle or aunty yell something to this effect at us as we sit, minding our business scrolling through Instagram, or favouriting tweets on twitter. You probably rolled your eyes and brushed the comment off - I certainly have. But as much as I hate to admit it, they may have a point.
Microagressions… A concept I’ve been thinking about more and more in the past few weeks. Then […]
Amongst the various different issues in the news recently such as the Brexit shambles, Extinction Rebellion […]
It was a rainy Saturday evening, I was at the Pergola bar in Paddington for my […]
After viewing Barry, the story of young Barack Obama on Netflix, I came to the realisation that no one is above the pursuit of self-actualisation.
In part 1 of ‘Is it a black thing?… Is it a woman thing? Or is […]
In the wake of yet another attack on black girls, St John’s Senior School has decided […]
Why does representation matter? Well, because seeing someone that looks like you excelling, has been proven […]
The reason I stress about figuring out and building wealth that I can leave behind for […]
Just under 2 weeks ago, BYP (Black Young Professionals) Network held the first ever BYP Conference. […]
As I get older, I realise more and more things about people, places and life in […]
If you’re reading this it’s likely that you’ve been to an afro-carribean salon to get your […]
The road to hell is paved with good intentions! Please be advised, this topic may be […]
Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably heard about the Home Office’s new initiative to […]
From 1st – 4th August 2019, in Praia da Rocha, Portugal the first ever Afro Nation […]
I understand that travelling is a luxury that not everyone can afford but should you get the chance to do so, do not disregard it. Money comes and go but those memories will live with you forever. It truly is a humbling experience.
The thing with racism and insecurities is that they’re learned behaviours. So, if you get ‘em […]
For as long as I can remember, getting my hair done has been a big part […]
Not sure how it was in your household growing up, but in mine and many other […]
The narrative of reparations has been revisited within recent times. In fact, it is part of […]
On 03.05.19, we held our second ever discussion where we spoke about whether, as black Brits […]
I haven’t written a blog post in a while, I haven’t kept up to date with […]
How important is representation in relationships? Is there a need to see stronger, committed black couples […]
This post could end up being very similar to ‘Do black people overplay the race card?’ […]
A recent picture posted by Richard Branson on LinkedIn depicted the staff of the Virgin Group, […]
I want to broach on a very delicate topic about tolerance – cultural tolerance. For hundreds […]
When it comes to commonly believed stereotypes of black women, high attainment within sports is rarely […]
For the first time in UK political history, an MP, earlier this week, was expelled from […]
If I turn left, right, centre, forward or backwards I’ll come across a negative story about […]
I never fail to be saddened when I read stories of Black women dying due to […]
I recently came across the results of a study that found ‘28-32 are the sweet spot […]
Brexit has been the hot topic on everyone’s lips for the past few years. Recently, the […]
Is Serena Williams racist? “What kind of question is that?”, you reply or “of course not” […]
Scrolling down my Twitter feed, I generally see all sorts of madness. The madness I’m going […]
There is a running joke among African communities, especially with the ‘children/ youth/ millennials’. The joke […]
One thing that dawned on me as I wrote ‘Walking on Eggshells part 1 and part […]
How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Perhaps you’ve already achieved them all, which is great! […]
For those of you on the ball, you may have heard the recent drama surrounding Empire […]
There’s been somewhat of a buzz in the media recently regarding fashion designs that appear to […]
A lot of my blog posts stem from conversations I have with people in my life […]
Oscar nominated and widely acclaimed actor Liam Neeson has come under fire this week after an […]
Living in South East London for the first 10 years of my life meant I never […]
If there was ever a word that had its own existence, it would be this. The […]
Theresa May faces and wins yet another vote of no confidence after the historical loss in […]
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