So how do we stop racism?

A colleague at work asks me this. It is actually a profound question. How do we stop racism? What do we as a human race need to do in order to combat this issue that has plagued our race over generations? Sometimes I see racism like the zombie apocalypse movies that we watch. It is like a disease that seems to have taken over the human mind. The people we praise as “woke” who take stands and protest in their own small ways to make changes are like the scientists trying to find a cure for those infected. And just like the film “the girl with all the gifts” sometimes the inability to have compassion towards one another as we push for the world to recognise us, stops us from finding the cure. Continue reading “So how do we stop racism?”


Let’s Talk … Black Timing

Raise your hand if you’ve arrived at an event on time and you’ve been left waiting for more than an hour before it started. Keep your hand raised if you attend or have attended certain events late because you know they won’t start at the time listed on the information. Finally, keep your hand raised if the only explanation for the aforementioned was… “it’s a black event”.

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The “Problem” with Black Men

The context behind this article is the pure frustration I have with many a black “man”. Is it me or are many of them becoming more and more passive? Everywhere I go, I see black women cheering each other on and building community but rarely do I see black men doing the same. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean they’re not out there but my question is where are they?

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