Is Serena Williams Racist?

Is Serena Williams racist? “What kind of question is that?”, you reply or “of course not” you answer! Or perhaps, you think she is and agree with the people below, who believe she is racist because she is extending help to a group of women of the same race as her with less opportunities, exposure and capital.

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Do African parents put too much pressure on their kids?

There is a running joke among African communities, especially with the ‘children/ youth/ millennials’. The joke is, you only get three career options to pick from. Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer. There might be other options but most of these options are all academically driven. Now, most of my posts usually derive from the conversations that I have with my friends. On this very topic, I couldn’t help but notice that those of us who fell on the creative side of the spectrum were not “understood”, I think that’s the best way to put it. Now, in many ways, I believe this is because it isn’t something that’s seen or encouraged widely therefore why encourage your child to pursue something you do not foresee them succeeding in?

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When it comes to black people, one size does not fit all

One thing that dawned on me as I wrote Walking on Eggshells part 1 and part 2’ was that many people have a one size fits all view of black people i.e. all black people are loud, all black people like Afrobeats, all black people know how to twerk and so on. Although, these stereotypes are largely perpetuated by wider society and the media. I do think as black people we need to take a moment to reflect on how WE play a role in validating these senseless narratives.

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New Year’s Resolutions Progress Check


How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Perhaps you’ve already achieved them all, which is great! Or maybe not… which is also okay.

We’re now officially in the third month of the year and it’s likely that the initial euphoria and enthusiasm felt at the beginning of the year and the prospect of a ‘fresh start’ is somewhat starting to dim.

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