Three Black Queens

As we come to the end of this year, and I reflect on the journey that #IssaMovement has made I cannot help but be proud of the community that we all are creating together.

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SPAC Nation : Conned by my Church

I’d heard different stories about the church SPAC Nation from different people, and what I’d heard didn’t sound too positive. A friend that had been to the church before mentioned that it felt ‘odd’ there. However I personally didn’t pay much attention to it all, that is until I heard of a BBC Panorama documentary which came out on Monday 16th December called ‘SPAC Nation – Conned by my Church’. What I watched was beyond what I could have imagined.

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Where should my black vote go this Thursday?

So, where should my black vote go this Thursday? Unfortunately this is a question I’ve still not been able to answer. I’ve always voted for Labour, but with the current dreadful state of politics and the bickering amongst the parties, I’m tempted to turn over a new leaf and just vote for the Green Party.

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It’s a Blue Story

By now you may have heard of the Vue Cinema’s knee jerk reaction to ban the movie Blue StoryΒ amidst claims that 25 serious incidents had happened in 16 of its cinemas. Initially when I read this article I was stunned and quite confused by the decision. While I had not yet heard of the film or watched it, I was still perplexed. How many violent films have come out this year? Why was this film receiving such harsh punishment? Will the Vue have been quick to remove this film if it had been produced in Hollywood? If it was a Spike Lee or Quentin Tarantino? Are there other motives which led the Chief Executive of Vue to reach this decision? Andrew Onwubolu (Rapman), the director of the film Blue Story voiced his upset.

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