Coronavirus said stop. I cannot believe that I find myself writing a post to do with COVID-19. Especially, as I have tried my very best to not be surrounded by all the corona news; apart from those that I deem essential to know. So why am I writing this post? Since the lockdown began it doesn’t feel like much has changed for me. Boris said to stay home and I said that’s me I’m already home, I’m good. I have managed by the Grace of God to maintain my routines as best as I can. I also feel like I finally have time to catch up with a lot of things I have always wanted to do. I even launched a hair/skincare line. I have more time to spend in the presence of God, I have gone from church on Sunday, bible studies on Thursdays to virtually doing church almost every day. I’m grateful, this is what I prayed for. But notice how everything is I.

I know some may not understand why I am grateful in this season of lockdown, not COVID-19, (I am aware of how serious the virus is and how it’s impacting lives). Nevertheless, being glass is half-full kind of girl, this is my silver lining. Having the extra time to realign me and my focus. It’s a season that I am ever more grateful for the mindset that I have been developing over the years. I truly believe that how you perceive anything is all up to you, whether the world is wonderful or a destitute place, that is your choice. In the same breath being stuck in my perspective can also lead me to become self-centred. It’s arrogant for me to put myself in the centre of a crisis. Yes, for me, I have chosen to see and use this time of lockdown as a time of opportunity, that good comes out of this but I am also in a place of privilege as an introvert and its condescending to be frustrated to see others complain about being stuck at home.

At first, this truly frustrated me. You are stuck at home, that is your frustration? I still have to go to work. Others still have to go to work. Do you know what I could get done if I was stuck at home? I practically kissed my teeth to the umpteenth Instagram post I had seen on my feed about boredom. However, as time went on and I commented on the selfishness of others from buying things they really didn’t need among other things, I couldn’t help but also notice mine. My own selfishness. Rather than parade gladly to those struggling with my introvert, happy to have extra time shoes, how about putting on their shoes and walking in them for a mile?

Being convicted and humbled as I am reminded of my selfish thoughts, made me realise this. We may all be in the same situation but not in the same boat. It’s selfish of me to want others to appreciate the lockdown when for them they could not afford to have a lockdown. They need to feed their families. They don’t have a fixed monthly income like I do. For some, the home may not necessarily be a safe space for them, being out was their sanctuary. For some kids going to school was how they got their meals in a day. What about those in an abusive or toxic home? How about those feeling even lonelier than they already were? How can I expect these people to appreciate a lockdown? This post isn’t to berate me, its easy to get stuck in your own little world. But I am learning to come out of my bubble and really understand what empathy is. For those of us who are finding this season of lockdown manageable and dare I say it well (not to disregard the pain and destruction that the world is experiencing right now), rather than being annoyed at others for not using the time wisely how about we take the time to see things from their point of view.

From this, we can know how best to reach out and help. COVID-19 and lockdown have brought me to the forefront of my faith in a much stronger way. I am now in a place where I no longer just say I am a Christian but actually live it truly. As well as reach out to others and share the peace of God with them. These are just a few thoughts that I have been musing on over the past few weeks. I am ever grateful for realising that I may not have been selfishly stocking up in my house, but I selfishly forgot the privilege that I have in God. Because of him, I am not overwhelmed in this storm, rather I have peace and joy it is imperative that I pass this out to others. People need this now more than ever.

If you find yourself in a good position right now whether in faith, finance, security, peace, family. Whatever it is, think of your neighbour and those truly vulnerable that you could reach out to help. This is what I want to leave with you today.

Jane T



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