Is racism getting worse in the UK?

Of late, I try to steer clear of watching the news on TV because I find that rarely is good news shared and I simply don’t like consuming vast amounts of negativity. That being said, it is hard to avoid all the insanity that is going on in the world right now. From WWIII to Meghan and Harry, you’d really need to be living under a rock to avoid, at the very least, hearing about what’s going on.

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The magic that happens when black women support each other

Women – we are God’s gifts brought to humanity. Inquisitive, Intuitive, strong and compassionate beings.

It’s lovely scrolling through my social media feeds and seeing extraordinary women being celebrated. But how about we do something different? Yes, it’s good to celebrate women but action matters most. There is little point advocating for women’s rights constantly when within our circles, there is jealousy, hate and strife, which we discussed in an earlier post black women don’t support each other.

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Social media and millenials

Living in the Moment as a Millennial

You young people and your phones. What happened to playing outside?”

I know we’ve all had some 40+ year old uncle or aunty yell something to this effect at us as we sit, minding our business scrolling through Instagram, or favouriting tweets on twitter. You probably rolled your eyes and brushed the comment off – I certainly have. But as much as I hate to admit it, they may have a point.

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Racism in the workplace is alive and kicking

Microagressions… A concept I’ve been thinking about more and more in the past few weeks. Then it slapped me in the face on Thursday 17th October. Two of my colleagues were preparing for a film screening we were putting on in celebration of black history month when a more senior member of staff came over and rudely asked whether they had nothing better to do with their time. She then said “if they didn’t have enough work she’d gladly give them some” and that’s when it hit me, racism in the workplace is alive and kicking.

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