The Making Moves Wall

Making Moves is a series that aims to highlight black people doing amazing things within their respective industries with the hopes of inspiring those watching to strive for their dreams.

Martina Gordeen, Founder for Love, MGordeen shares her story in this episode of Making Moves
Marvyn Harrison, Founder of Dope Black Dads shares more about why he started the organisation, what he hopes to achieve with it and so much more.
KJ Brazant, Founder of Lounge Akademiks which is a platform for creating brave and safe spaces for learning. Learn more about KJ’s story in this video.
Loriane Mbayo is the Founder of Woman to Woman, a platform created to uplift and inspire women. In this episode, she shares more about what led her to create the platform and what she hopes to achieve with it.
Ore Sokoya works within the Wealth Management industry and in this episode he shares how he got to where he is today.
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