Is it a black thing?… Is it a woman thing? Or is it just me? Part 2

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In part 1 of ‘Is it a black thing?… Is it a woman thing? Or is it just me?my girl Paula looked into an incident where she was ignored (at a professional event by a salesperson) which had her questioning if her race (black) and gender (woman) had an impact on the incident.

Unfortunately, I experienced a somewhat similar incident recently, which had me questioning what effect, if any, my identity as a black women had to play on the situation.

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Why Representation Matters

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Why does representation matter? Well, because seeing someone that looks like you excelling, has been proven to show that it increases your self-belief, aspirations and ultimately your confidence.
But tackling the under representation of certain groups can lead to backlash, as explored in one of our earlier blog posts ‘Is Serena Williams Racist?’ Another example of an attempt to tackle under representation causing unwarranted backlash, is the casting choice (for the character ‘Ariel’) for the live action of Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ which led to the hashtag #NotMyAriel.

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Reasons to fix your finances now

The reason I stress about figuring out and building wealth that I can leave behind for future generations is not just for materialistic goals but to be able to make impactful changes. For me the most important thing is to end the financial struggles my family face. Let’s perpetuate generational wealth and not the ‘black tax’. Today’s post is all about our daily finances and why it is so important to fix it now so that our great grandkids can still benefit after we are no longer around. This is known as building generational wealth. I am always careful in my posts about finance because I am not a financial advisor. What I know is what I have experienced, what has been shared with me and what I have learned on my journey to become financially unburdened.

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